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Remaining Portfolio LED Upgrade (Re-Lamping)

FY 2020




Re-lamping existing interior lighting fixtures with high efficiency LED lamps is the single highest cost savings measure portfolio-wide. The cost savings potential for LED projects has been calculated for each of the fifteen audited sites in the “Site Recommendations” section of this report. For all other sites, re-lamping existing fixtures with LED lamps will result in a projected cumulative cost savings of $8.4M by 2030 with an installation cost between $1,223,700 and $2,058,100 and an IRR of 37-63%. Since Sharp has a wide variety of existing fixtures types, the lower installation cost assumes ballast-compatible Type A LED replacement lamps will be installed and the higher installation cost assumes some fixtures will be re-wired to bypass existing ballasts for compatibility with Type B LED lamps.

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