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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System for Grossmont Brier Patch Planned Parking Structure

FY 2020




A 610-unit parking structure is planned for construction at the Grossmont Brier Patch site at in FY2020. Up to $1.5M is recommended to be budgeted for an integrated PV parking canopy that can be added to the rooftop of the structure. Assuming an installed cost of $3.50/ watt (W), $1.5M in capital spend would result in a ~430 kW PV system that produce roughly 720,000 kWh and offset electric costs by approximately $140,000 each year. However, this is roughly 40% more electricity than the site uses on an annual basis. It is recommended Sharp right-size the system based on building energy use and reduce the system size by roughly half (~215 kW), unless another site or meter can be tied into the system production. A 215 kW system would produce roughly 360,000 kWh and offset electric costs by $70,000/year.

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