Sharp Energy Roadmap

The Sharp Energy Roadmap outlines a pathway for investing $32M in energy efficiency measures projected to save $48M through 2030 with an internal rate of return (IRR) of 24%. Opportunities are prioritized based on projected financial payback, annual cost savings, feasibility of implementation and overall improvement to Sharp's building infrastructure.

Operational Measures:

Energy Audit:  Investigate existing building assets to identify and prioritize low/no-cost improvement measures and larger capital projects. 

Lighting Upgrade:  Upgrade aging interior and exterior lighting systems to high efficiency LED technology with enhanced controls. 

Capital Measures:

Connected Commissioning:  A data-driven process leveraging building automation data, analytics and testing to optimize energy performance and occupant comfort.

Capital Improvements:  Replace aging equipment and controls with high efficiency alternatives. 


Automation System Retrofits:  Retrofit outdated automation systems with open-protocol, secure technology to enhance controllability and visibility of energy use.


Advanced Energy Technologies:  Integrate solar energy, battery storage and/or fuel cells on eligible buildings to reduce utility costs and environmental impact. 

Space Allocation:  Identify opportunities to re-distribute building occupants to increase space utilization, reduce energy use and increase productivity.

Cashflow Analysis