Central Pharmacy

Description of Facility and Operations

Central Pharmacy is a 15,374 square foot building with two clean rooms, offices, and a warehouse located at 3558 Ruffin Rd., San Diego, CA 92123. Sharp moved into the space in 2009.

The building is served by a combination of air handler units (AHUs) with condensers and heat pumps. No gas service is provided for the site so all heating is electric. Roughly half of the building HVAC units are controlled by a Schneider BAS; the remaining units are use independent thermostats to control heating and cooling for each zone with no central control. Interior lighting is all fluorescent with no plans for replacement and exterior lighting is minimal.


- Central Pharmacy spends $7.84/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 71% higher than the national median energy use intensity for .

Key Opportunities

• Many spaces are individually controlled by local thermostats which should be integrated into a centralized BAS.