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Install Pelican Thermostats, Optimize with Connected Commissioning

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FY 2024




Connected commissioning optimizes building performance, reduces operating and maintenance costs and extends equipment lifetimes. As a result of the energy audit, high priority lighting, automation/controls and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)-related ECMs are recommended for implementation through a packaged connected commissioning project delivery. In most cases, the building automation system will be used to collect and analyze on-going performance data, identify new trends and ensure persistent savings from previously-implemented ECMs.


Replace the existing mix of non-programmable and old programmable thermostats with new Pelican thermostats to enable scheduling, after-hours temperature setbacks, remote monitoring and alarming. The existing controls for the clean room AHUs would remain the same as current. This measure should be combined with connected commissioning to optimize scheduling and setpoints and to validate proper operations.

• Equipment Schedules for Rooftop Units (RTUs) - Office and Support Areas - Program multiple office rooftop units (RTU-24, RTU-31, RTU-32A, RTU-35, and RTU-40) with proper schedules to match occupancy. Schedules should be programmed for 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 1pm on Saturday.

• Heating & Cooling Setbacks - Program unoccupied hour temperature setbacks of 78°F for cooling and 62°F for heating for the pharmacy and warehouse areas, and 76°F for cooling and 64°F for heating for the clean room areas. Thermostats should setback to from 9pm - 5am each night.

• Heating & Cooling Setpoints (Pharmacy Spaces) - Standardize thermostat settings for all pharmacy spaces at 72°F cooling and 68°F heating.

• Heating & Cooling Setpoints (Office and Support Spaces) - Standardize thermostat settings for all offices and support areas to 72°F for cooling and 68°F for heating. Implement wider setpoint range for split systems dedicated for utilities closet areas at 78°F for cooling and 65°F for heating.