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Interior LED Lighting Upgrade (Lamp Replacement)

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FY 2020




Interior lighting systems were audited to determine opportunities for replacing inefficient lamps with LED replacements to achieve 60% - 90% electricity savings, while improving light quality and building aesthetics. LED lamps generate less waste heat, which reduces building cooling energy and costs, and lamps last up to ten times longer than conventional lamps, which reduces building maintenance costs. LED lamps are also mercury-free in contrast to conventional lamp types, which helps eliminate mercury from Sharp’s buildings and reduces hazardous waste concerns.

To calculate total potential lighting power savings at this site, existing lighting power was calculated using a combination of actual lighting counts from representative space types and an assumed lighting power density of 0.8 watts per square foot (W/s.f.) for the remainder of the building. Approximately 50% of the building square footage has already undergone LED upgrades.

• Replacing lamps with like-for-like LED replacements (re-lamping) is recommended over entire fixture retrofits due to lower cost, similar lifetime performance, and minimal space type disruption.
• Approximately 500 interior lamps are candidates for replacement with LEDs.
• Re-lamping may involve direct plug-and-play replacements using the existing lighting ballasts (ballast-driven) or may require ballast to be bypassed and lamps wired directly to the line voltage (ballast-bypass). Costs based on contractor bids for material, installation, and disposal for Type A ballast-driven lamps ($22/lamp) and Type B ballast-bypass lamps ($37/lamp).


Replace existing interior lighting (primarily T8 Sylvania fluorescent & CFL lamps) with high efficiency LED lamps including, but not limited to, 2x2 and 2x4 troffers, pendant lighting, recessed can lighting, high bay lighting, track lighting, and decorative lighting to ensure lighting effectiveness, energy efficiency and longer lamp lifetimes. LED replacement lamps should meet the following criteria:

1. Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80 or greater
2. Color Temperature: Offices, Common Areas = 3500K; Exam/Procedure Rooms, Working Areas & Others = 4000K
3. Lighting Efficacy: 90 lumens/Watt (LPW) or greater
4. Expected Service Life: Minimum of 50,000 hours
5. Warranty: Minimum of 5 years (10 years preferred)
6. Controls: 0-10V dimming to 5%, daylighting (photocell) or occupancy controls preferred if applicable