Chula Vista Medical Center (Hospital)

Description of Facility and Operations

Chula Vista Medical Center (Hospital) is a 474,417 square foot campus of hospital and medical buildings located at 751 Medical Center Ct., Chula Vista, CA 91911. The campus consists of three main towers (East Tower, West Tower, and Oceanview Tower) and the Birch Patrick Convalescent Center.

The East Tower is the oldest and is served primarily by packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) with electric heat and local controls. The West Tower is newer, and the Oceanview tower recently finished construction in 2019 with a planned opening date of January 2020. The site includes building is a hospital with surgery rooms, patient rooms, and common spaces. The Convalescent Center is a residential facility. The buildings are primarily served by two central plants that are served by one bank of cooling towers. The East Plant has two 500-ton centrifugal chillers equipped with adaptive frequency drives (AFDs). The Oceanview Tower has a central plant with two 870-ton centrifugal chillers with AFDs. All interior and exterior lighting has been converted to LED.


- Chula Vista Medical Center (Hospital) spends $3.55/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 43% lower than the national median energy use intensity for hospitals.

Key Opportunities

• The cooling tower system appears to be significantly undersized for the connected load . Cooling tower nominal capacity is roughly 1,200 tons, where connected chiller capacity is 2,740 tons. Additional cooling tower capacity is highly recommended to be added.

• Make-up water and blowdown water from cooling tower are not metered; install meters and pursue sewer charge credit for drift and evaporative losses. Est. cost per meter = $500 - $1,500.