Chula Vista Medical Center (MOB)

Description of Facility and Operations

Chula Vista Medical Center (MOB) is a 48,851 square foot, two-floor building located at 765 Medical Center Ct., Chula Vista, CA 91911. The building includes an outpatient surgery center and imaging center on the first floor along with medical offices on the second floor.

The building operates roughly 98 hours per week. The first floor is operated & maintained by Sharp and is conditioned via variable air volume (VAV) terminal units served by a rooftop direct-expansion (DX) air handler unit (AHU). The AHU has two air-cooled DX units: one 6-stage unit that cools the entire supply air stream, and one 2-stage unit that only cools incoming outside air. The units are staged so that the 2-stage unit only starts when the 6-stage unit cannot meet the load. The second floor is leased space for medical offices and is maintained by CBRE. The second floor is conditioned via water source heat pumps, served by a single cooling tower and boiler under local control. Interior lighting is primarily T8 fluorescent lamps, though several medical offices and lobby lamps have been changed to LED lamps. Exterior lighting was replaced with LED fixtures during the lot expansion in 2012.


- Chula Vista Medical Center (MOB) spends $6.60/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 51% higher than the national median energy use intensity for medical office buildings.

Key Opportunities

• Replace heat pumps with variable air volume (VAV) terminal units and install a second air handler unit (AHU) for the second floor. A high-efficiency package unit would be able to provide the same amount of cooling with more efficiency and a smaller footprint.