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Capital Upgrade - Add Air Handler Unit (AHU) Economizer for AHU-6

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FY 2024




AHU-6 is a small unit serving that Materials Handling spaces and is currently the only unit that is not either 100% outside air or has an economizer installed. This unit is nearing the end of its life and is recommended for replacement in order to 1) proactively reduce risk of critical failure and 2) allow for better operation of the chilled water plant. Currently, in low outside air temperature conditions, the chiller plant is enabled only to provide chilled water to AHU-6 and AHU-9 but deploying measures to enable economizing on both of these units will allow the chilled water plant to completely disable during these conditions rather than run at extremely low conditions. This will not only save energy but greatly improve the life of the chillers. Savings estimated from measure are primarily from maintenance savings by preventing short cycling and wear on the compressors.


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