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Capital Upgrade - High Efficiency Boiler Replacement

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FY 2025




Existing steam boilers are nearing end of life and are currently slated for a like-for-like replacement. Existing steam boilers serve HVAC heating hot water and domestic hot water via separate steam to water heat exchangers and then feed sterilizer and kitchen uses directly. Instead of installing new steam boilers and re-using portions of the aging existing steam infrastructure, replace all equipment serving heating hot water and domestic hot water uses with a new heating hot water plant and also install a smaller steam system directly for the sterilizer and kitchen uses. New heating hot water plant should be modular condensing boiler system with domestic hot water heat exchanger serving a domestic water storage tank.

Install new small steam generator sized only for sterilizers and kitchen uses. All hydronic piping downstream of existing steam to water heat exchangers and existing steam piping serving sterilizers and kitchen shall be existing to remain.

Note: Capital costs are estimated based on total project, not just the like-for-like replacement from steam boiler to a condensing boiler system.


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