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Capital Upgrade - Replace/Upgrade Surgery Room Air Handlers Units (AHUs) and Disable Air-Cooled Booster Chiller

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FY 2021




AHU-101 (Surgery North) and AHU-102 (Surgery South) serve critical spaces but have difficulty maintaining AHU supply air temperature. AHU-102 has severely damaged chilled water (CHW) coils along with disabled pneumatic controls and an overridden CHW valve. AHU-102 is producing 60°F supply air temperature with the CHW valve fully open. Due to these conditions, operations staff has been running a supplementary air-cooled chiller (CH-20) to provide additional cooling. However, CH-20 appears to be delivering CHW at the same leaving temperature as the CHW Plant while being significantly less efficient. Once air handlers are upgraded with properly sized coils, space temperatures should be maintained entirely from the CHW Plant and allow CH-20 to be disabled. The supplementary chiller should be disabled during normal operations and only used as emergency backup in the event of Chiller Plant failure. This measure includes:
• Main Building AHU-101 (Surgery North), AHU-102 (Surgery South), CH-20

Note: This measure should be completed in concert with Grossmont Hospital-1: Connected Commissioning of Airside Equipment. Completing these projects together will allow greater control & visibility to ensure estimated savings are realized.


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