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Capital Upgrade - Replace and Consolidate Existing End-of-Life Air Handlers Units (AHUs) Serving Main Building, North Wing, and South Wing

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FY 2024




Replace end-of-life, constant volume, fixed outside air, pneumatically-controlled AHUs with modern, high efficiency air handling equipment with variable speed drives (VFDs), airside economizers, and DDC control. Majority of air handlers were observed to be 25 years past their end of life and are consuming significantly more energy than necessary. There is also opportunity to consolidate these 13 AHUs into fewer air handler units with larger capacities and significantly downsize the capacity of AHU-301. All of these air handlers will require OSHPOD certification with the possible exception of AHU-405. This ECM includes the following AHUs:
• Main Building AHU-109, 110, 111, 113, 114, 301
• North Wing AHU-405
• South Wing AHU-103


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