Grossmont Medical Plaza



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Capital Upgrade - Install Dedicated Data Closet Split Systems & Schedule Air Handler Units (AHU)

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FY 2023




All air handler units operate 24/7 for the entire building in order to provide cooling to space types with operations outside of normal building hours (Lower Level Surgery Center and Data/IT Closets). Install dedicated split system units in the five data closets that require 24/7 cooling, and program automatic schedules configured to occupancy requirements for all other space types including the Lower Level Surgery Center. Programming schedules based on occupancy of the space will allow for reduced run time of equipment. Create after-hours capability that can be used as needed to temporarily override normal schedules.

Note: This measure should be completed in concert with Grossmont Medical Plaza-3: Capital Upgrade - Air Handler Unit (AHU) Replacement and Zone (Variable Air Volume) VAV Installation. Completing these projects together will allow greater control & visibility to ensure estimated savings are realized.


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