Memorial Hospital

Description of Facility and Operations

Memorial Hospital is a 1,051,987 square foot campus of hospital and medical services buildings located at 7901 Frost St, San Diego, CA 92123. The campus contains multiple buildings, including: Stephen Birch Hospital (North Tower), Central Tower, South Tower, Mary Birch Woman's Hospital and Parking Garage, Outpatient Pavilion, and the Rehabilitation Center.

A majority of HVAC systems are controlled with a Siemens Insight DDC control system to administer ventilation, temperature, pressure, and humidity controls within these buildings, but many are controlled by legacy pneumatic devices or a hybrid of DDC and pneumatic components. The central plant which serves the entire campus with steam and chilled water was evaluated separately by Facilities Dynamics, operating a Connected Commissioning study funded by the SDG&E HOPPS Program. Building hot water skids exchange heat with the steam system to provide heating hot water to air handlers and reheat terminal units. Chilled water pump skids also exist at the buildings decoupled from the central plant chilled water loop to pump water to rooftop air handling units. Major constant-volume and variable-volume air systems operate at all times, serving a combination of hospital procedure rooms, patient rooms, lobbies, offices, support areas, and medical equipment rooms. Lighting is primarily fluorescent, and typically operate either 24/7 or with a manual switch depending on the space type. Exterior lighting is primarily metal halide and controlled by timer, though a majority of building façade fixtures have been upgraded to LED fixtures. Some older HVAC units are scheduled to be replaced in the next few years, and a BAS upgrade of the Stephen Birch tower is budgeted for the FY2020, both of which are recommended to be evaluated and incorporated in the Connected Commissioning study recommended below.


- Memorial Hospital spends $5.49/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 14% higher than the national median energy use intensity for hospitals.

Key Opportunities

• Siemens has submitted a proposal to upgrade the existing BAS of Stephen Birch Tower to its Desigo platform. This project has been approved and budgeted by Sharp, however there is significant opportunity for Altura to add considerable value by opening the BAS retrofit to bid outside of Siemens as a Niagara-based platform, speccing a sequence of controls, and commissioning the installation.

• Make-up water and blowdown water from cooling tower are not metered; install meters and pursue sewer charge credit for drift and evaporative losses. Est. cost per meter = $500 - $1,500.

• Mop sinks in janatorial closests are equipped with a hose connected to a chemical dispenser to provide easy access to cleaning products. Sink valves are typically left 'open' which creates issues with cross-flow between hot and cold water in the piping. If possible, add upstream shut-off valves to allow hot or cold flow to be stopped while preventing mixing issues.