Mesa Vista Hospital

Description of Facility and Operations

Mesa Vista Mental Health Hospital is a roughly 125,000 square foot campus located at 7850 Vista Hill Ave, San Diego, CA 92123. The campus consists of a main building (90,000 sq.ft.) constructed in 1963 and a 3-story CAP building (~30,000 sq.ft.) constructed in 1979. Note: Sharp square footage records indicated this campus as 83,000 sq.ft., though that estimate seems approximate and not based on the inclusion of the CAP building.

The main building is cooled and heated primarily by 78 small fan coils with chilled and hot water coils. Three large air handlers serve common spaces on the main building. The CAP building has a separate chiller plant and air handler serving the entire building. The CAP building chiller plant is in the process of being replaced by an air-cooled chiller. Portions of the main building are cooled by heating and cooling fan coils. The main building chiller plant consists of two reciprocating chillers that serve a constant-flow secondary loop. The central plant has local electric controls only. The interior lighting in the facility is roughly 50% LED and 50% T8 fluorescent. The parking lot lighting is a mixture of LED and HID fixtures.


- Mesa Vista Hospital spends $4.98/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 43% lower than the national median energy use intensity for hospitals.

Key Opportunities

• Per facilities staff the central plant is undersized for the load. A replacement of the inefficient reciprocating chillers in the main central plant accompanied by a tie-in to the controls system is highly recommended.

• A P2S proposal has been submitted to Sharp to add two new DOAS units to the main building for spaces that are served by fan coils. The estimated cost of this proposal is $2.9M. This project is not a replacement of the existing fan coils to improve operations, but is needed to bring the outside air amounts for the space into compliance with standards.

• Make-up water and blowdown water from cooling tower are not metered; install meters and pursue sewer charge credit for drift and evaporative losses. Est. cost per meter = $500 - $1,500.