Rees-Stealy Mira Mesa

Description of Facility and Operations

Rees-Stealy Mira Mesa is a 36,098 square foot medical office building (MOB) located at 8933 Activity Road, San Diego, CA 92126. Space conditioning is provided by 30 water source heat pumps. A single cooling tower and boiler maintain the water loop temperature, and all controls are all local to individual zone thermostats. There is an MRI on one side of the building with a dedicated chiller and air handler due to tight thermal conditioning requirements. An air-cooled chiller provides cooling to a CT Scan. The entire building is scheduled around the MRI spaces, so HVAC will operate typically from 5a – 10p all 7 days of the week. Interior lighting has not yet been replaced with LED, but 4-foot LED replacement lamps are scheduled to be installed. 2-foot lamps have not been scheduled for replacement which make up the majority of hallway lighting. Exterior lighting is minimal.


- Rees-Stealy Mira Mesa spends $6.95/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 38% higher than the national median energy use intensity for medical office buildings.

Key Opportunities

• As heat pumps are replaced at end-of-life, replace with units that have 2-way water valves. This will convert the system to variable flow, which will allow greater control of pumping operations and save energy.