Rees-Stealy Otay Ranch

Description of Facility and Operations

Rees-Stealy Otay Ranch is a 67,000 square foot three-story outpatient medical office building (MOB) located at 1400 E Palomar St., Chula Vista, CA 91913.

Cooling needs are met by 3 rooftop direct expansion (DX) air handlers with one unit serving each floor. A single boiler and constant speed pump provide heating to the zone reheats. The first-floor air handler unit (AHU) typically runs 6am to 9pm seven days a week to serve a laboratory space. AHU-2 & 3 operate from 6:30am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Interior lighting has been upgraded to LED for all 4-foot lamps. All 2-foot lamps (such as lamps for 2’x2’ fixtures) and can lighting have not yet been changed. Exterior lighting in the open air parking lot are still metal halide fixtures.


- Rees-Stealy Otay Ranch spends $3.71/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 22% lower than the national median energy use intensity for medical office buildings.

Key Opportunities

• AHU-1 was found with the economizer frozen and completely shut which means the first floor is getting no ventilation air.