Description of Facility and Operations

Spectrum is a 190,303 square foot four-story corporate office headquarters located at 8695 Spectrum Center Blvd., San Diego, CA 92123. The building is primarily a mix of open office, conference rooms, and other space types that serve as the corporate headquarters for Sharp HealthCare.

HVAC operates 24/7 due to a few departments that may work overnight and on weekends. Cooling is provided by two large built-up air handlers units (AHUs) in the penthouse that both feed a single supply duct, effectively making them one large unit. The units use chilled water from a chiller plant located in a separate building on the property. The chiller plant consists of two 500-ton water cooled chillers that operate in a lead/standby configuration. A single cooling tower serves both chillers. There are two constant speed condenser water pumps and two chilled water pumps that control to a differential pressure setpoint at the rooftop AHUs. Heat is provided by hot-deck air handlers with one per floor. The heating air handlers are enabled whenever a zone is calling for heat. The heating units reheat air from the above-ceiling plenum and return it to the perimeter zones via heating ducts and mixing boxes. The heating units have hot water coils served by a large boiler located in the plant. Interior and exterior lighting is in the process of a full LED fixture replacement.


- Spectrum spends $3.59/sq. ft. for utilties.

- The building's energy use per square foot is 10% higher than the national median energy use intensity for offices.

Key Opportunities

• Make-up water and blowdown water from cooling tower are not metered; install meters and pursue sewer charge credit for drift and evaporative losses. An estimated 1,600,000 gallons of water could be properly metered leading to savings of roughly $8,000/year. Est. cost per meter = $500 - $1,500.